The Great Little Book of Prince Albert Microadventures

It was a bit of a rush to the finish line, and then what felt like an eternal wait, but on 23 December, three boxes of books finally arrived. Imagine the excitement!

Immediately, they started to spread their wings and landed under many a Christmas tree in sunny Prince Albert. They also found good company in no time…

At the Watershed Art Gallery in Church Street, Prince Albert
At the Prince Albert Gallery
And at the wonderful Prince Albert Library, here with librarians Cato and Reinie.

Dennehof Karoo Guesthouse has opened the door to Prince Albert Microadventures, and so have the Prince Albert Tourism Office, the Fransie Pienaar Museum in Prince Albert, Prince of Africa Shop on the Hotel stop, Lah-di-dah – the fêncy padstal, Tannie Marie’s shop at Gay’s Dairy and African Relish.

Some copies have even found their way to Bokmakiri Bookshop on Swellendam, the Knysna Book Exchange and last but not least, Clarke’s Bookshop in Cape Town . Incredibly grateful for everyone’s support!

The Great Little Book of Prince Albert Microadventures is, by default, a very local book. Nonetheless, it has taken off to reach the world and has metamorphosed into various ebook-incarnations. Find it on Apple Books, kindle , kobo , tolino and all the other usual suspects. So even if you’re on the other side of the world, you can now dream of and read about Prince Albert Microadventures. The Great Karoo is looking forward to your next adventurous visit!

To find out more or order your copies directly from the author, contact

Thank you!


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