Prince Albert Hope Warriors

Meet the Prince Albert Hope Warriors!

Fearless, free and full of future

The Great Little Book of Prince Albert’s Hope Warriors

When unforeseen events shook their world in March 2020, the Prince Albert Hope Warriors rose to the challenge and took their community’s future into their own hands. With little other than their good will and energy, they set up a Covid-19 feeding scheme, and what started with a single meal for a handful of hungry children, soon turned into a wave of generosity and friendship.

The Great Little Book of Prince Albert’s Hope Warriors is dedicated to the young people of this small town in the Great Karoo, also known as Die Lap. A snapshot of a moment in time, it captures Prince Albert’s Hope Warriors’ voices and is filled with their stories – told in their own words. It allows a glimpse into young people’s lives, hopes and aspirations, and might just offer a whisper of inspiration.


– PACT (Prince Albert Community Trust)

The Great Little Book of Prince Albert’s Hope Warriors

Dedicated to the young people of Die Lap

This is the Hope Warriors’ Story, 

told in their own words, 

celebrating their voice,

honouring their bravery, humility and diversity.

Hope Warriors are the change. They are the light in the dark. Because when the world was down – not only Prince Albert, but the whole world – the young people stood up and said, ‘I’m going to do something. I’m going to be a Hope Warrior. I’m going to feed hungry children. I’m going to interact with kids, even if it’s difficult.  – Percval Koonthea, Hope Warrior & Barista
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Meet Hope Warrior Mia
For me, as a Hope Warrior, it’s important to tell the story of the rainbow nation. To have a rainbow nation. We are Hope Warriors. Hope follows love. If there’s no hope, there’s no warriors. Because the warrior is fighting for hope for the community. To be loved by everyone. – Wilbur Klaaste, Hope Warrior, DJ Wiro & Speel en Leer Coordinator
Meet Hope Warrior Veronika
A Hope Warrior is a beacon of hope. And Hope Warriors never give up, no matter what. – Petra Brits, Hope Warrior, Nutrition Officer, bead worker & business woman