Prince Albert Microadventures Proudly Presents: Microadventurer Bokkie Botha’s Review…

as first published in the Prince Albert Friend


The Great Little Book of Prince Albert Microadventures

by Stephanie Rohrbach

Review by Bokkie Botha

On the back cover of the book it says, “Micro adventures are for everyone – young and old, tall or small, fit or funky. Pull up your socks

and get out of your comfort zone. Discover gorgeous views and endless vistas; feel the silence, listen to the wind and greet the sun. Meet the tortoise and the kudu. Connect with nature and your inner adventurer; open your eyes & meet the people – have loads of fun!”

And that is exactly what this fascinating book is all about. Every page of Microadventures contains valuable information which deserves to be read, from the dedication right through to the Table of Contents on page 165. It’s a book to dip into or read straight through, enjoying good vibes along the way.

Micro adventures is also a book of good advice for new or seasoned adventurers. Chapter headings give the clues: for example, There’s No Shame in Pushing, Prince Albert, The Elements, Respect and Responsibilities, Leaving behind More than Footprints, and many more.

Local Prince Albert adventurers have contributed short personal insights on their explorations. These represent all parts of the community including historical, botanical, photographic, and physical experiences.

Geographically, the book encompasses local areas as well as casting its sights on wider locations. Steffi Rohrbach, who wrote and prepared the book, is herself a macro adventurer. She has travelled all the routes and had all the adventures described.

The book is filled with maps, and, where helpful, elevations. The fine drawings and many photographs show the jagged, rugged mountains, wind pumps and wide open spaces, as well as many of the young and older people in the community.

There are useful addresses, telephone numbers, and web sites. Every chapter has signposts to further information and where booklets may be bought. Trail runs, cycling tours and

events, hiking, stargazing, ghost walks, support for local institutions, food, restaurants, cooking lessons, and more, are covered, without ever falling into the information overload trap.

Two quotes to give a ‘feel’ for the writing:

“Tortoises normally know exactly where they’re going and don’t like to change direction. Unless they’re crossing a very busy road and are in acute danger of being run over, don’t pick them up. They’ll most likely pee on you, which is not only unpleasant, but puts them in the danger of dehydrating.”

“Kudu: when watching these antelopes move, full of grace and almost silently, you’ll quickly understand why collectively they’re called a ’ghost of kudu’.”

R5 from every book purchased goes to the Prince Albert Tekkie Fund (PACT) and the Piccolos Project.


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