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The Great Little Book of
Prince Albert’s Hope Warriors

When unforeseen events shook their world in March 2020, the Prince Albert Hope Warriors rose to the challenge and took their community’s future into their own hands. With little other than their good will and energy, they set up a Covid-19 feeding scheme, and what started with a single meal for a handful of hungry children, soon turned into a wave of generosity and friendship.

The Great Little Book of Prince Albert’s Hope Warriors is dedicated to the young people of this small town in the Great Karoo, also known as Die Lap. A snapshot of a moment in time, it captures Prince Albert’s Hope Warriors’ voices and is filled with their stories – told in their own words. It allows a glimpse into young people’s lives, hopes and aspirations, and might just offer a whisper of inspiration.


– PACT (Prince Albert Community Trust)

The Great Little Book of Prince Albert Microadventures

Microadventures are for everyone – young and old, tall or small, fit or funky. Pull up your socks and get out of your comfort zone. Discover gorgeous views and endless vistas; feel the silence, listen to the wind and greet the sun. Meet the tortoise and the kudu. Connect with nature and your inner adventurer; open your eyes & meet the people – have loads of fun!

Prince Albert has a lot to give: Swartberg Mountains, Karoo Space and lots of blue sky; gentle walks and exhilarating descents; dry waterfalls, trails of wonder and a colourful cast of local characters. Heaps of cultural history and a thriving, caring community. 

By purchasing this book, you are giving R5 each to the Prince Albert Tekkie Fund (PACT) and the Piccolos Project. 

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Dem Veterinär ist nichts zu schwer erzählt von einem Leben in Afrika, einem Schloss in Pommern und einem Familienurlaub mit unvorhergesehenen Konsequenzen; von Reisen in die Wildnis und einem Beruf, der zur Berufung wird.

Fast fünfzig Jahre lang lebt und arbeitet Walter Eschenburg als Tierarzt im südafrikanischen Busch. Nachdem er prägende Jahre seiner Kindheit auf einem pommerschen Schloss verbracht hat, nur knapp den Kriegswirren entkommen ist und seine Lehrjahre in Johannesburg absolviert hat, lässt er sich mit seiner Familie im Waterberg nieder. Dort wird er schon bald zu einem Pionier in Sachen Wildtiermedizin und lernt, auf seine Fähigkeiten, seinen siebten Sinn und sein Talent zur Improvisation zu vertrauen. Walter arbeitet mit Nashörnern, Büffeln und gefährlichen Giraffen. Er begegnet nicht nur Eulen, Schlangen und charmanten Elefanten, sondern auch Katzen, Kühen und liebenswerten Löwen. Er behandelt seine Patienten mit viel Wissen, Geduld und Güte, während er den Besitzern Verständnis, Freundschaft und oft auch eine gute Dosis Humor zukommen lässt.

Dem Veterinär ist nichts zu schwer ist eine Geschichte über die Liebe und das Leben; über zwei- und vierbeinige Freunde und Familie; über Natur, Wissbegierde und das Verständnis für Zusammenhänge. Es ist die Geschichte eines Mannes, der das Leben liebte – und dem Fortuna des Öfteren zugelächelt hat.

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Healing Rhinos and Other Souls

Healing Rhinos and Other Souls tells the story of a much respected if unorthodox vet, a family man who loved and understood nature and all her creatures, a reluctant businessman, a somewhat exuberant driver, a humble person, a great storyteller and a wonderful friend to many. 

For nearly fifty years Walter Eschenburg lived and worked as a pioneering wildlife vet in the South African bushveld with its many animals and a host of weird and wonderful people. After a childhood spent in a German castle during the Second World War, a harrowing escape from the Russian army and a sequence of bold moves and fortunate circumstances, it is here, against the backdrop of the harsh but beautiful landscapes of the Waterberg, that Walter comes into his own and develops into a seasoned vet. He encounters charging rhinos, tame buffalo, irate cows and angry giraffes; he deals with snakes and warthogs, amorous elephants, cats, dogs and donkeys. He treats his patients with compassion and kindness, and his clients with large doses of humour.

Healing Rhinos and Other Souls is a story of love and life; of nature and adventures; of humour, passion and understanding. It is a story about a man who was simply himself all his life, the story of a life well lived.

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Audio Book

HEALING RHINOS AND OTHER SOULS – The Extraordinary Fortunes of a Bushveld Vet. Audiobook

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Translation Project for the Baobab Foundation

The Little Big BAOBAB Book – Das kleine Buch der großen Baobabs

This book aims to provide an easy-to-read source of facts and interesting information about the African baobab. Download it here: