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“HORiNg” – by JP Meyer

JP Meyer, one of my favourite local artists, created “HORiNg” for the Velvet Exhibition at the KKNK 2013 in Oudtshoorn.

He says he would be delighted to donate the rhino work to any institution or organization that is working to save the rhino and that would also like to own it.



Description of work:

Long before the birth of Aphrodite, from the severed testicles of Uranus, aphrodisiacs have fascinated mankind in the pursuit of energy, love and sexual rapture.

In his book, “The Doctrine of Signatures”, the 17th century herbalist, Jacob Boehme explores a form of sympathetic magic in which like affects like.  “The signature of things” means that a herb or other object often resembles the malady it is meant to treat. Yellow flowers, for example becomes an effective treatment for urinary complaints and rhino horn excites the libido.  Although this doctrine of signatures was formalized in early modern times, the theme of natural objects’ shapes having significance is an ancient one and not confined to Western thought. Similarity-based thinking is still encountered in alternative medicines such as homeopathy, ethnic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

The work I made for “VELVET”  explores the continued belief in and pursuit of potions, herbs, food and other substances which is believed to stimulate sexual desire and energy and enhance erectile function. It also attempts to address the supply and demand of global trade and the impact it has on endangered plants, land- and sea animals.

 JP Meyer

Thank you, JP!

World Book Day

Yesterday, 23 April was World Book Day. It was created by the UNESCO to celebrate books and the love of reading, and as a worldwide tribute to authors and books.
It is also the anniversary of the deaths of William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes, both in 1616, and inspired by the Catalan custom to exchange roses and a book on the day of St Jordi/St George.

Feliz Dia del Libro and Enjoy a good book!!!!!


Picture: International Publishers Association



“I didn’t really lead an exceptional life. I mean, I didn’t invent the light bulb, nor was I ever an explorer and discovered exciting new places, nothing like that – which is what people normally write about.

But maybe there is a theme to my life. My love for nature. I suppose that’s a recurring theme that goes right through, from the early days at Juchow until today. Yes, I suppose you could write about that…”

Walter Eschenburg, May 2009, while recording his memories for “Healing Rhinos and Other Souls”

Perhaps a manifestations of this love for nature was, that Walter enjoyed taking pictures of “All Creatures Great and Small” (Thank you, James Herriot!) he encountered while doing his daily rounds.

For some reason, this habit resonated with me, and stuck. More and more often I find myself taking pictures of ‘encounters’ along the road…

like this leopard tortoise a few days ago